Who we are:



     In 1989, LA Flag Football was formed to work toward the elimination of prejudice and discrimination towards gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender [LGBT] individuals. We also seek, through our instructive American flag football camps and league and partnerships with local and national LGBT sports clubs and leagues, to increase visibility of LGBT athletes and competitions and provide a supportive environment for LGBT individuals to improve fundamental athletic skills. We also seek through our organization, our events, and our members to foster and augment the self-respect of LGBT persons and to engender respect and understanding from the larger community.

While particular emphasis is placed on these specific goals, it is a fundamental principle of LA Flag Football that all activities, social and athletic, are conducted to be inclusive in nature and that no individual shall be excluded from participating on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political beliefs, athletic ability, physical challenge, or HIV status.



Promoting a Positive, Social, and Athletic Enjoyment

Come out and play, sweat, meet new people in LA's gay-oriented flag football league!